Easy Inputs

A generic Forms generator for WordPress.

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The Last Form Builder You’ll Ever Need

This plugin introduces a new Forms API that facilitates and speeds the creation of forms within WordPress. As much as a modern WordPress website relies on forms and inputs - for settings, post meta data, user meta data and even front end forms - there is no unified way of creating them in WordPress. The result is buggy, error-prone form creation with sprintf()’s and replacing values.

alt text

Instead, this API borrows heavily from CakePHP’s FormHelper to provide a uniform set of methods that will create form fields including WordPress editor windows. To install this plugin, download the repository


Using the plugin couldn’t be easier. Simply include the plugin, instatiate the class and start creating inputs right away!

require_once plugin_dir_path(__FILE__) . '../easy-inputs/easy-inputs.php';
$ei = new EasyInputs(
    'name'		=> 'testing-easy-inputs',
    'type'		=> 'setting',
    'nonce_base'	=> 'A World Become One, of Salads and Sun.',
    'group'		=> 'FormGroup,Subgroup,Evensubbergroup'

echo $ei->Form->input([
		'type'		=> 'text',
		'label'	=> 'This Input is Awesome!!'
		'attr'		=> [
			'id' 		=> 'MyInput',
			'class'	=> 'a series of classes'

As you can see, you can set baseline options that apply to both the hypothetical Form and all of it’s inputs. In this case, we didn’t need to create a <form> element, because we’re creating inputs for a settings page. But we set our nonce base for any future nonces we need to create. We can also set a comma-separated list of nested groups in case we need to organize our data into arrays:


Creating an input can be as simple as passing the name of the field as follows:

echo $ei->Form->input('my-input');

Easy Configuration

While a simple one-line bit of code can get you a basic form input, most any configuration you might want for your input can also be provided for with the $args argument.